Roll-a-Ramp Van

Our van ramps come in Powered and Non-Powered options and three widths of 36″, 30″, and 26″.  In many cases the Roll-A-Ramp van ramps are much less expensive than lowered floor van conversions or hydraulic lifts. If you change vehicles, you can take the ramp with you!

Our Van Ramp owners love the following features:

  • Strong: aerospace aluminum has 1,000 pound capacity
  • Safe: Superior engineering and excellent traction
  • Quality: Unconditional 10-Year warranty on ramp (one year warranty on motor for powered systems)

Roll-A-Ramp® offers two kinds of van ramps:

Manual Folding Van Ramps

The perfect van access solution for those looking for an economical option for wheelchair or scooter ramps. The manual folding ramp folds out of the van door to the ground.

Powered Folding Van Ramps

Powered van ramps are affordable because they can fit into many existing vans with only 2 – 4 hours of installation time. There may not be a need to buy an expensive conversion van. Because van styles and models are changing every year, please call us or one of our excellent dealers to determine if your vehicle is compatible with our ramp.

Use the Roll-a-Ramp Van for:

  • Wheelchairs and Scooters
  • Delivery Vehicles
  • Fleet Vans
  • Handicap Transportation Organizations

We can be reached by phone at 252-623-2102 during regular business hours, or via email 24/7 by visiting our company’s secure, confidential contact page.