Roll-a-Ramp ATV

Price per foot.

Our ATV ramps come as a pair of 12″ ramps (twin-track) designed to help you load an ATV easily into a truck or trailer. Just roll the ramps out, drive the ATV into the bed of the truck, roll up the ramps, and drive away. Our ramps were featured on Tools in Action. Check out the video – you’ll know everything you need to know.

  • Very easy to use – rolls out for use – rolls up and stows for travel
  • Supports 1,000 lbs
  • System remains securely in place with the tailgate closed
  • No load on the tailgate – weight is distributed through the hitch bracket system
  • Ramp is removable in seconds for use as a stand-alone ramp
  • Aerospace 6061 aluminum construction means it is both lightweight and very strong
  • Patented slotted link design means it has both superior traction
  • 9′ ft x 36” ramp provides plenty of room to use your feet for balance

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