Transfer Sheet



MedLine Comfort Glide Repositioning Sheet is designed to allow caregivers to safely transfer patients from one bed to another. It is designed with sturdy grip handles around the perimeter that are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort for medical professionals. The bottom of the MedLine Comfort Glide Sheet is made from a low-friction material that reduces the amount of effort needed to move the patient. The breathable material of the glide sheet offers patient comfort and allows it to be compatible with low air mattresses. Each sheet measures 35 x 55 inches, supports up to 500 lbs, and come in a dark blue color.

Other availble patient transfer aids include Wooden Transfer Boards and Beasy Transfer Boards. Shop patient repositioning tools, with DISCOUNTED prices, at Vitality Medical today.

  • Breathable for Patient Comfort
  • Compatible with Low Air Los Beds
  • Supports up to 500 Pounds
  • Low-Friction Bottom Panel
  • Grip Handles Around the Perimeter

  • Manufacturer: MedLine
  • Length: 55 Inch
  • Width: 35 Inch
  • Use: Single Patient
  • Application: Patient Repositioning

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